“Thank you SO MUCH for creating this amazing space that feels like family, not just a club night. Thank you for giving us a chance to share our creativity and hard work and our joy and our love.  It's truly heartwarming to go to Plump - to see a hundred smiling, familiar faces, greeting with hugs and good cheer, moving to rhythms that transport us to that place where we feel that unique sensation of finding our own ecstatic space in the throng of individuals who are all so different, but also so similar, each of us feeling both independent and connected.”
Cristina McAllister (Artist, June 2008)

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for helping to make our event such an amazing and wonderful experience that will not be forgotten by anyone who was with us that day! Everyone LOVED the music and it was the perfect sound track to our experience.
-Chai Guy, after the “Wild Life” animal bus party, (February 2005)

“I wanted to drop a line and congratulate you on a wonderful time.  Needless to say, we had an amazing time but what was really noticeable was the love and details that went into the event -- from our perspective it was totally high quality and you guys are going to make some amazing things happen in LA and California in general...no doubt!!”
-Shamal R. (Music industry visionary, after our first LA party, 2004)

All the hard work you all put in paid off.  By all definitions it came of as a "Spectacular, Spectacular"!!!  My personal thanks to all of you.  Again, amazing success for everyone in every way!
- Esquire Jauchem (Producer, Venice Carnevale, Venice Centennial Celebration June 2005)

“I have to tell you that I F&^&^NG LOVE your Plump Parties! Thank you for such a wonderful experience...thank you for always 'bringing it'! Last night what yet another BRILLIANT night! Nice One...I can't get enough! :)
 - Leila A. (May 2009)

“This last PLUMP was one of the most fantastic I've had in a long time. Thank you Eva  & Travis! Thank all you DJ's for making it "Plump" for me and all the others. WOW! Just totally WOWWWWWW!!! It was so wonderful to reconnect, remember, and engage with this wonderful community. Every set was more awesome than the next and it was most difficult to get a potty break because I couldn't stop dancing :)))) “
- aMUSEing  (December 2008)

“FatFinger, I wanted to thank you SOOOOOO much for giving me a CD at The Taurus Party! It is truly one of the best sets of music I have had the pleasure to own! I can't help shake some body part while I listen to it. Even in the Car! Any way thank you thank you thank you.”
- Krystal Loup (June 2005)

“You guys are THE BEST. Absolutely. I LOVE going to Plump. It nourishes me deeply on every level. From many conversations with friends I know I'm not alone in my sentiments. With a vibe like you guys have created, along with willingness, determination and our support, I am positive things will turn out fine. Thank you so much for sticking with it. I know it ain't easy, and Plump is truly a labor of love on your part.”
- Moose (November 2008)

“I can't believe summer is over!  but I’m glad it is, if only because it is now plumptime!  and what a beyond excellent installment of plumpness it was on Saturday!!  Our crew had a total blast.  It's a lovely big space, too.  well done!  thank you thank you thank you!! “
Sarasvati & Brooster (September 2008)

“You were the sh*t, Saturday Night. A great DJ job! I liked everything about the sounds. My first Plump and I want it to be far more often, even if it means my giving up blood, sweat, tears, cash, etc. Again: Thanks.”
 - Sandor (May 2008)

“Just wanted to say, thanks a million. The Decom rides on the backs of all our time, gear and love, and I so appreciate you stepping forward, and donating so much for this event. I know we're asking a lot, and I just want you to know, I deeply appreciate it.”
- Wolfie  (Promoter & DJ, October 2004)

“Thanks to all the fabulous performers and DJ's (especially Cat's Cradle...if you missed them you missed out BIG TIME...they kicked ass!)”
-Fraggle, after Xara Dulzura (April 2004)

“We went to Cat's Cradle, by far the better party in LA that night. The care taken in the space was noticeable -- the lush chill room covered in fur that sucked you in. I met a lot of rather memorable people there :-) and I had a lot .. a lot.. a lot of fun.”
GiGi D-L’Amour (April 2005)

“FatFinger, I danced in the rain to your music at Xara and till the wee morning hours at Taurus! It was AMAZING! Thanks.”
-Le Loup (May 2005)

“THANK YOU sooooooo much for your time and talents - it is greatly appreciated - - this truly was the best Carnevale ever, and the after party was amazing"
-Bonnie Le (Producer, Venice Carnevale June 2005)